Jane Anderson

A girl who won’t conform. A journey across 18th Century Europe.

A dangerous pursuit of forbidden love.

‘An exciting and sensuous historical romance that sweeps us from a modest parlour in Hungary through Europe to the vibrant streets of Edinburgh, via Constantinople, Rome and Paris. Set in the era of the Jacobite rebellion, this action-packed tale is a thrilling testament to the adage that true love will always find a way. An assured, often visceral and meticulously researched debut from Jane Anderson, whose love of art, history and travel emanates from every page.’

ANGELA JACKSON author of The Emergence of Judy Taylor & The Darlings 


Book-Mockup-COVERVAULT Resize

‘A rich, sweeping tale of women and devotion, set against a backdrop of unrest and uncertainty. The Girl Who Fled the Picture is dazzling and entirely enthralling.’ 

VICTORIA HAWTHORNE author of The House at Helygen

‘The Girl who Fled the Picture is a joyful, sensual, immersive story of secret love, intrigue, deception and betrayal that keeps you turning the page right to its satisfying conclusion. It is wonderful to discover a cast of strong female characters who have agency in a man’s world.

With its tall ships, palazzi, silken dresses, glittering jewels and powdered wigs this book provides an irresistible escape into the Eighteenth Century. I read it in two sittings. Put your feet up and enjoy.’

CATHERINE SIMPSON author of True story, When I Had a Little Sister & One Body 

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